Build! Design! Rule!

If you build it, they will come...

The "build your own search" concept is new to the criminal data industry. It allows you to customize our services to best match your product offering. The idea is for you to combine individual services from our criminal data product offering into a single service that you would sell to your clients.

How many times have you wanted to sell a Multi-state criminal search and a Nationwide Sex Offender Registry search separately? Do you really want the Terrorist Search results as part of that search or do you want to offer it separately? Most criminal data providers combine those searches into a single search and you get the combined result whether you want it or not.

Build Your Own Search solves that problem by letting you create and combine individual services into a single search. So, if you want to sell a single State Level Criminal Search that includes a Nationwide Sex Offender search within a single transaction we can accomdate that. You pay the base price for a single State Level Criminal Search and a nominal add-on fee for the Nationwide Sex Offender Search. You can combine any of our services into custom services that you can sell your clients.

Design it the way you want it!

Background Check companies, no matter what level of experience, often get complaints from clients about the data that is returned in their instant criminal search results. As you know criminal results vary from state to state. Often, results may contain details that you or your client feel is not important to the overall record detail. For example, the name of the Offender's attorney, or the address of the court house are details that you may see in the result that do not shed any additional light on the applicant's record. If desired, you may have those elements excluded from your searches.

You do not need to have your expensive programmers write code to filter out what you do not want to have. Just give us a call, and with the click of a button we can have items you do not desire included in your result discarded.

Part of designing your result is telling us how you want us to perform your searches. DataDiver Technologies has developed the most advanced search engine in the industry today. With procedures in place to handle punctuated names, aliases, age, and partial dates of birth we will locate records that your current data provider is not finding.

Put us to the test with a free trial run! Give us every name you have ran for the past 60 days. We will match your current data provider's result and beat it in many cases.


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