More data than you can shake a fin at!

DataDiver Technologies offers a full gambit of instant criminal searches that have been collected from jurisdictional data across the nation. DataDiver prides itself in having unmatched service, technology and efficiency. DataDiver believes that you will not find a better partner to help you grow and succeed in the industry.

And, unlike other companies, we won't force you into a "one-size fits all" search profile. You can mix and match any of our products together to offer your customers the data that they are looking for at a price that is typically 20% - 30% lower than our competitors.

Instant Criminal Searches: DataDivers offers data from jurisdictions across the country. You can choose to search just a single state or all of them!

Sex Offenders: We carry Sex offender registries from all 50 states and a large number of Indian Reservations. Plus we also carry U.S. territories like Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands

Patriot Data: We carry over a hundred reciprocal, exclusion and most wanted sources from the Federal government and abroad.

Address History: Our address history search will get you on the right track to finding locations your subject has lived and Alias names they might have used. This search can be be run stand-alone or added on to any of our instant criminal products.

Aliases: Aliases and Maiden names can be tricky to find. Couple any of our instant search products with our Address History and ferret out those possible Aliases

North Carolina AOC Statewide: Our NCAOC statewide search is a near real-time search of the North Carolina courts mainframe system.


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